Displaying the Checkout in your mobile application

The Trustly Checkout needs to be rendered in web context which gives you two options for a native mobile application: using a WebView or an In App Browser.


A WebView allows you render web content inside your application in a more seamless way.



Due to WebView’s blocking some browser functionally that the Checkout depends on, e.g. allow opening of third party applications, you need to use on of Trustly SDK’s / Plugins if you want to use a WebView.

Please follow our integration guides for our SDKs: Ios, Android.

Using a cross platform tool / framework?

Please read our integration guide here.

In App Browser

A In App Browser looks and acts acts like a regular browser but is presented within your native app. It does not give the same control as a WebView does and is simpler to implement.

See our Integration guide for In App Browsers.