Test environment


Test environment

JSON RPC target: https://test.trustly.com/api/1
Backoffice: https://test.trustly.com/backoffice


You need to request a test account, which will have a different password than the production account.

Using the Trustly test system

The Trustly test system is here to allow you to develop and test the integration with Trustly. The test environment works the same way as the production environment except no real money or banks are used when performing payments.

In the test environment, all payments are done using a simplified bank that will be the same regardless of the bank selected in the payment flow. As we are using the same bank back end for all payments the enduser experience when paying will be the same for all banks. This in contrast to the production system where the flow for the enduser will vary slightly depending on the bank used. During payment you will be prompted for a login to the bank, this is typically either a national person identifier or a bank username and will vary per bank and country. When prompted any login identifier (that conforms with the asked for criteria) can be used. The first time any critiera is used in a bank a new randomized person identifity will be created and some bank accounts with initial funds will be awarded. Any national id provided does not have to be valid, but it have to be on the correct form. When selecting Swedish banks you also have the ability to test login using "Mobilt BankID". This login method uses a test login for the BankID service and you will login as you would normally do using this authentification method. If you select this method however you need to supply a valid Swedish Personnummer that is connected to the BankID you want to login with.

Testing order problems

During development it is important to test unexpected outcomes. In order to enable you to try a few of these error the test system can make a few different types of orders, you can control the behavior by ticking the "Set order options" when doing a deposit order. The follwing options are available:

Do not alter order outcome

  • Make a normal order and behave as the system would normally do.

Complete order with wrong amount

  • Make a normal order, but the bank payment will be done with the wrong amount (a lower amount) than the one requested. Use this to try out flows where payment does not meet your expectations.

Fail order before payment is done

  • Problems can happen during payment. When selecting this option the payment will simply crash before the user has had the time to complete the payment.

Complete order but do not load SuccessURL

  • Make a normal order, but do not load the "SuccessURL" web page after the payment steps are finished. This could for example happen if the user encounters Internet problems.

Notification test page

Here you will find our notification test page. On this page you can view the notifications that Trustly has sent for a particular order by entering your processing account username (username used in the API calls) and an OrderID. If a notification has not been delivered successfully, you will see the error message for the failed notification here as well.

You will also find a cURL command here for every notification, so that you can send the notification yourself. You will also be able to submit notification responses on this page, but to do this you will have to add an additional attribute ("HoldNotifications" : "1") to the Deposit/Withdraw call for which you want to submit the notification responses. This will be helpful if your development server is not reachable from the internet.