Getting Started

Get started with the Trustly API.

Welcome to the Trustly API! You can use our API, in conjunction with the SDK, to integrate Online Banking into your application.

We have language bindings in Shell and JavaScript. If you require any assistance, please contact your Trustly Integration Team or email us at [email protected].

Base URLs

Trustly provides a sandbox and a production environment. To switch between the different environments, use the different base URLs. The authentication credentials for both environments are the same. When you are ready to go live, change the sandbox URL to the production URL.

  • Production:
  • Sandbox:



The following base URLs have been deprecated, but are supported until further notice.

  • Production:
  • Sandbox:



All API requests are made over HTTPS and must be authenticated.

To authorize, use this code:

# Use curl to pass the correct username and password with each request
curl --user accessId:accessKey

Make sure to replace accessId and accessKey with your credentials.

Your authentication to the Trustly API requires your provisioned credentials (accessId and accessKey).

Authentication uses the HTTP Basic Auth standard with your accessId is the username and your accessKey is the password (when using cURL, you can specify them as --user accessId:accessKey).

  1. accessId and accessKey are combined into a string: accessId:accessKey
  2. The resulting string is encoded using Base64
  3. The authorization header is the string Basic followed by the encoded string.



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